About us

Company Profile

GLYNWED UAB belongs to the distribution system of the international ALIAXIS group for the Baltic countries. Our company’s responsibility is distribution of products for civil engineering pipelines in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Our main product groups are:

  • PE fittings for gas, water and waste water pipelines
  • PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PVDF and ABS piping systems for industrial applications

GLYNWED UAB belongs to an international group and cooperates with multiple world-class manufacturers. Therefore, we can offer to our customers the best pipe jointing solutions for both custom and non-standard applications.


High quality is our ultimate goal. The binding quality components are distribution of high-quality products produced by the responsible manufacturers, professional installation equipment, technical support on-site, good logistics and timely order fulfillment.


As a member and distributor of the global group of advanced plastic piping systems we seek to get and keep a significant share of our market.


  • We seek to meet both the individual needs of our customers and the needs of our local market, exploiting the possibilities offered by our global group.
  • Each person in the process chain is treated with kindness and respect.
  • Our sustainable development is based on the superior quality, responsibility and cost-efficiency.


Our performance is based on high quality standards which are:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal which is achieved by:

  • The high quality of goods and services
  • Technical support on-site
  • Rich availability of installation equipment
  • Fusion box service provided in Lithuania
  • Timely delivery of the goods
  • Meeting of non-standard orders
  • Fair and reliable partnership

Staff Satisfaction

We see it as

  • Respect for all company members
  • Team spirit
  • Continuous improvement

Partnership with suppliers

In cooperation with our suppliers we offer to our customers:

  • A fair price-service ratio
  • Well-organised logistics
  • Prompt claim processing
  • Professional technical support
  • The latest information on the products and technological know-how

Strong brands

We distribute brands which have been improved for decades and we guarantee:

  • The highest overall quality
  • Technological know-how
  • Modern manufacturing methods
  • Safe and reliable use and longevity

Civil engineering pipesystems
Industrial pipesystems